Become Strong, Fit and Lean

Please note, Pegasus S+C is now closed - however Angus and Roxi are taking online and in person clients.  Please be in contact with either of them below for more information.  

Small group strength and body composition coaching for ambitious young professionals

Torch unwanted bodyfat + build lean muscle

Increase your 

Strength + Energy

Live life without limitations

Unhappy with how your body moves, looks and feels?

 Our mission is to show 30, 000 people how to look and feel more athletic by simplifying their eating, movement and lifestyle habits

It's not normal to constantly feel weak, tired, and unhappy...


If that's how you're living then its time for a change 

Get back in shape and torch fat fast!
Results in as little as 28-days

How It Works

Everyone starts with our 1-1 strength accelerator program so that we can make sure you are confident and competent before jumping into a group session

1. Book an Intro Session

Nothing changes unless you make the first move... 

Book a free consult now

2. Turn up and train

Attend the sessions that are best suited to your goals - we recommend training at least 4 x per week

3. Get into the best shape of your life

Feel strong, energetic and healthy as you make your health a priority and achieve your best body ever 


Enough Procrastinating

The sooner you start at pegasus the sooner you can stop...

Being unhappy with your health

Feeling like the "unfit" friend

Being low on energy

Following fad diets

Feeling Weak and slow

Lacking confidence in your body

It doesn't have to be that way...

Healthy people get more opportunities in life...

We show motivated and driven men and women how to develop long term health for future success

are you ready to enjoy...

Increased strength

More energy 

Better Mood

Clearer focus

Time-efficient sessions

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