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 We teach you exactly what to do to become strong, fit and healthy and stay that way

We show you how to set a goal and take daily action so that you can live the life you really want


We simplify nutrition and training so that you can get lasting results without being overwhelmed

We teach you skills to develop patience and determination so that you can overcome frustrations

We individualize each session based on your level of fitness so that you're not left behind

We practice gratitude and affirmations daily so you talk to yourself a little bit better


We greet you by your name and a smile each and every session to make you feel welcome

We hold you accountable to your goals and chase you up when you are missing so that you don't give up on yourself





At a regular gym, you're paying to use equipment that you usually have to wait your turn to use.  "Cookie Cutter"  style programming with little to no guidance or supervision and overcrowded group classes.


Basically, you give them a small fee each week and they hope you don't show up...

At Pegasus Strength + Conditioning you have your own training space and equipment,  your fee includes expertly coached workouts that are tailored to your individual needs and we provide ongoing support and accountability for the duration of your membership - We actively work to make sure you're attending sessions and achieving your goals

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Unlimited Group Package

Hybrid Membership: Most Popular


4x 1:1 Fundamental PT Sessions to get you started

(2 Per week for 2 weeks)

Body Composition Analysis

Individual Nutrition Targets

Personal Accountibiity Coach

Constant check-ins for

Quarterly 1-1 Re-focus sessions

Quarterly Body Scans



Meal Templates

Unlimited Group Classes

Free Member’s only resources

Free Access to seminars and events


6 month membership = $84

Flexi membership = $89/week

per week
per week

Hybrid Membership: Most Popular

Unlimited Group Package

Everything in the group packag... PLUS

+26 x 1:1 Personal Training sessions

(1 Per Week)

+ Unlimited group coaching

Weekly Body Composition Analysis

Individual Nutrition Targets

Free Member’s only resources

Meal Plans and Nutrition Guides

Free Access to seminars and events

Water Bottle

Training Singlet


6 Month Commitment = $145/week

Flexi Rate = $149/week

per week
per week

+ Unlimited group coaching

+ 2 x PT/week


Weekly Body Scan Analysis


Individual Nutrition Targets


Training Singlet


Water Bottle


Free Member’s only resources


Free Access to seminars and events

3-month commitment

Executive PT Package

September 24, 2019

Well.. there are a few reasons this could be!

Firstly – for the purposes of this blog I am going to focus on fat loss as the main goal. (if you are after muscle gain – this is all still relevant!)

To start let’s simplify some nutritional information for you...

August 22, 2019

Can I lose 10kg in 2 months?

This post is inspired by a text I got recently from a friend asking if it was realistic for her to lose 10kg in 2 months. Below is my response.

10kg weight (or fat) loss in 2 months is totally achievable, however you're talki...

Feeling “too unfit” to go to the gym? A bit like having to clean the house up a bit before the cleaner comes??

Well I want to tell you a little story about before I started not just exercising, but training (and I say training because we are training toward...

July 25, 2019

Have you ever wondered what our days look like? Thought so... well, wonder no more!  If I said it wasn't a little challenging at times, I would be lying.  My brother Angus and I have pretty much always got a full plate with keeping Pegasus Strength and Con...

June 27, 2019

 You’re probably thinking this is gonna be another one of those “lifting weights won’t make you bulky” blogs.. Well, you’re right.  And also, it won’t!

This is just my little story of how I started strength training and the things I have noticed along...

June 6, 2019

NO PAIN, NO GAIN... right? .
One of the biggest misconceptions with training is that it needs to HURT to be effective

If you’re not grinding out reps or you’re still able to walk you’re wasting your time right?

The reality is, if you’re training like tha...

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