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12% Bodyfat Down and Stronger than ever in 3 short months...

Brad, Our member of the month for November, started training with Pegasus in September with a goal to drop some body fat, get stronger and feel better about his health

Since starting less than 3 short months ago, he's managed to drop 12% body fat, increase his strength to an all time high and still manage to have a social life

He looks better. He feels better and he's living better

Angus sat down with brad earlier this month to find out a bit more about his transformation and gain some insight into what it takes to produce a result that many people want, but few actually achieve

Now this isn't Brad's first rodeo... like most guys in their 30's he's dabbled in bodybuilding and HIIT and seen mixed results - but never been able to make the results stick

"On and Off would be the best way to describe it... I'd have peaks and valleys of intensity with training and nutrition but consistency was always an issue"

One of the biggest issues, Brad said, was finding the right environment to keep him accountable long term.

"team accountability is super important, if you've got a good bunch of people to train with, it really helps with the focus - but if that group isn't consistent, then eventually people leave and you lose that accountability"

But since finding Pegasus, he found that everyone around him was motivating him to do better

"Everyones just having a good time, and doing a bunch of cool shit like handstands and the splits and it's just very motivating and an attractive way to train"

When we asked what had been the biggest improvement he'd noticed since starting, brad hinted toward a shift in mindset being the biggest piece of the puzzle

"I've definitely found that Im more conscious of my thoughts and decisions - and not just with things like food. But also with the thoughts im putting into my head, Like i'm really thinking about if my actions are going to take me closer to my goals or further away"

"But at the same time, I'm not losing my shit when I fall off... Like i've developed the mental flexibility to realise that if I go out and have a pizza and a beer, it doesn't mean the wheels have to fall off... its just one day, enjoy yourself and then get back on the path the next day"

And it's that attitude and approach thats lead brad to where he is now - healthier, stronger and an inspiration to those around him

"I don't know what i'm capable of just yet, but I know if I start with little bite sized chunks it's going to lead to something big. - I know now that It's more about patience and consistency rather than taking that big jump... that's how you get real results that are going to last "

So there you have it... the best way to drop 10% of unhealthy body fat and stay motivated while you do it is to take small steps daily, be kind to yourself when you go off track, and surround yourself with people on the same path - direct from someone who's walking proof

Well done Brad, your efforts reward you with the Pegasus Member of the Month for November

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