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5 Real World Benefits of Strength Training for Mums

Being a mum is tough. No doubt about it.

You're the chef, the taxi driver, the bank, the counsellor and the boss

On top of all that you need to find time to look after yourself. Time is of the essence so running for hours on end to keep on top of your fitness isn't ideal.

Luckily there is a far more effective and time efficient way to train! STRENGTH training!

Not only will a proper strength training program help you lose weight and tone up, but it will provide you with a huge range of real world benefits that will make your life as a mum much more manageable!

Here is a list of 5 things you commonly have to do as a mum that become way easier if you're stronger!

  1. Picking up the kids

  2. Carrying groceries

  3. Moving furniture

  4. Walking the dog – not the other way around

  5. Opening those damn salsa jars!

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