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7 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

1. You burn body fat faster - Strength training increases your lean muscle mass, more muscle = higher metabolism = less body fat = sexy, toned athletic figure!

2. Your body shape will look better - Building lean muscle will not only help you burn fat, but will give you a toned and athletic look - Ladies, you will NOT get bulky by lifting weights, you have the wrong hormones and it simply wont happen. If you want to feel lean, sexy and feminine then you need to pick up some weights!

3. You get more energy - I know it may sound like a bunch of BS telling you that by doing more work you will get more energy, but its true. Lifting weights fires up your nervous system, gets the blood circulatin, controls appetite, helps with digestion and releases hormones and endorphins designed to keep you up and at em - basically it gets your body working efficiently for sustained energy throughout the day.

4. You have better sleep - Not only will you get more energy, but you will get better sleep!! Strength training regulates hormone control and helps stabilise your circadian rhythm (sleep/wake cycle). Wake when you need to, sleep when you need to - awesome!

5. You become more coordinated - Strength training helps you carry out tasks with more ease, anything from bending down to pick up the kids to playing sport requires a co-ordinated effort of your bodies muscles. By training your body to get into different positions, you gain a better understanding of how to move more efficiently, through repetition your body actually learns how do stuff better.

6. Your bone density increases - Strength training helps increase bone density - this is extremely important as we age (especially in women as they enter menopause). Higher bone density reduces the chance of bones breaking. Not only that, but healthy bones = healthy blood and healthy immune system. Win Win!

7. You do life better - Possessing strength, high energy, coordination and the ability to get to sleep at night will change your life! Don't believe me? Complete 4 weeks of consistent strength training and then tell me how you feel!

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