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4 simple steps to improve your health and fitness without joining a gym

Getting results for your health and fitness is easier than most people think... in fact I’d say most people actually know what they need to do, they just lack the discipline to do it

Below are 4 steps we teach our members to implement when they first join our gym

1. Drink 3L of water per day

For something that is so simple it’s astonishing how many people struggle to get this right. H2O is essential for almost every function within your body, drinking at least 3L per day should be a non negotiable


- more energy

- Better mood

- Clear skin

- Decreased stress

- Improved fat metabolism

Pro tip - buy a good quality, 1L water bottle (like this one), fill it up, consume, repeat x3

2. Sleep 8hrs per night

This should be another NON NEGOTIABLE!

Let’s be clear... If you’re only getting 4-6hrs of shut eye, you’re on the express run to injury and burnout.

Sleep time is where all your improvements are made


- improved memory

- Build and repair muscle tissue

- Process and reinforce skills learned during wake time

- Improved mood, energy and focus

Pro tip: don’t use your phone in bed, turn off screens an hour before bed

3. Stop following a restrictive diet

The fitness industry tells you to burn as many calories as you can, while at the same time consuming as little calories as you can...

While this may result in a lot of weight loss in a short period of time, it is unsustainable and dangerous

You need to eat a diet balanced with protein, fats and carbohydrates and not to get too upset if you eat foods from the naughty list... you need to allow yourself the freedom to enjoy the finer things in life from time to time. It will keep you sane and on track

If you’re feeling lost, click this link and type the word “burn” and we’ll send you the nutrition lessons that we give to our members


- Feel full and satisfied

- More energy

- Get to eat "naughty" foods but still get great results

- Stay on track and motivated

- Less chance of YoYo dieting

Pro tip: don’t lose your mind every time you eat some “bad food”, get over it, enjoy it and don’t make it a habit

4. Stop Drinking Alcohol

Yep! I said it! PUT DOWN THE BEER!

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a beer or glass of wine. There is something wrong with drinking a 6 pack every night and 2 cartons on the weekend (Yes I used to be guilty of this also)

But if you really want results, there is no place for binge drinking It’s no good eating and training well all week, only to ruin it with 5000 extra calories on the weekend... not to mention the dehydration and poor sleep


- More energy

- Better mood, sleep and concentration

- No hangover

- Better results from your training

Pro tip: ask yourself the hard questions

Do you even enjoy drinking?

Or is it just something you do?

What are you trying to escape from that makes you wanna get blind every weekend?

So that’s it... 4 simple things you can do to drastically improve your health and fitness without joining a gym Implement these 4 things and your life will take a turn for the better

Angus - Team Pegasus

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