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Losing weight is simple... (I didn't say easy)

Losing weight… It’s not easy but it IS simple.

• Disclaimer – not a nutritionist or dietician

At the end of the day it comes down to one thing, calories in Vs calories out. You can try all the fad diets and they may well work for a short period, but do you really think that eating no carbs, low carbs, no fat, only fat, no meat, high protein etc etc is going to be sustainable in the long run?

What if I told you, you could eat the things you love and still lose weight/tone up/get strong? Just don’t be a guts about it. It really is that simple (I didn’t say easy). Of course you want to try to choose nutritionally dense food for the most part, but hell, if you feel like a bit of chocolate one day HAVE a bit of chocolate one day (just don’t eat the block), same goes for the occasional drink (not 2 glasses of wine with EVERY dinner), and the occasional “bad” food like heaven forbid you have a burger and chips!

Of course you still need to consider eating a diet rich in colour and nutrients, there are no "bad" calories, but there are certainly foods that will do more for your health than others.

However, just remember your caloric intake for the day! If you consistently eat a few hundred extra calories than what you are burning (doesn’t even matter if you’re training hard) you WILL put on weight, same goes if you consistently eat a few hundred LESS calories than you burn, you WILL lose weight – again, regardless of your activity level.

Wouldn’t you want to have a nice healthy relationship with food AND exercise?? We exercise, lift weights, run, whatever your jam is – to feel good, and we should be eating for the same reason, not just because we have to, but to nourish our bodies and give it the fuel it deserves.

I’m not saying don’t allow yourself that lil treat after a hard day just because you haven’t gone to the gym, but just keep it little! And if not, if you do have a bit of a blow out, oh well.. enjoy the fact it happened and move on, just don’t do it for the other 6 days left in the week!

Simply put – if weight loss is what you’re after in a sustainable fashion, you need to eat (a little bit) LESS than you burn but you should also be training; weight lifting especially will help you to build more lean muscle mass, and you know what happens then? Your base metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn at rest) gets a little boost which means you get to eat more!!

If you simply want to maintain your body weight – eat approximately what you burn.

If you want to build some muscle and put on a little bit, then you’ll need to be eating just a teency bit more each day to maintain energy levels and allow your muscles to fully repair and build!

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