• Angus Smith

4 Key Habits That Will Help You Reach Any Goal

Your day to day behaviour directly affects the outcome of your goals... The bad news is that these behaviours are mostly autonomous... The good news is that you can develop more productive behaviour patterns by building habits that orient you in the right direction...

Below are 4 Key Habits that I identified in having the greatest impact on achieving my goals in my career, relationships and health + fitness

I think everyone should give these a try and see how they can change your life

1. Become an Early Bird

Countless high performers - from actors to world leaders - have hinted that the key to their success is waking up before everyone else

You may find it difficult to begin with, but it will become one of the most useful habits you will develop

You will be more focussed on your day and you will get to experience the clarity and stillness that comes with being awake while the rest of the world is asleep, you will approach the day with a plan, you will get more done and you will be set up for success

2. Plan the day

Easily the most vital part of my day… if I don’t have a plan, things go off track

I have a small note book that I take with me everywhere, each morning I write my to do list and I check it off throughout the day

The satisfaction that comes with crossing an important task or something you’ve been avoiding is motivation stuff

one of the best planners on the market is The Best Self co. Journal

3. Practice gratitude

It’s easy to fall into the trap of playing the victim, we all have shit that doesn’t go our way, but if you focus on the negative, your entire life will take a shift in that direction

I’ve found the easiest way to stay uplifted and inspired is to practice being grateful for all the things in your life that you sometimes take for granted

Think about it each day, keep note of it in a notebook or on your phone, and read it to yourself when you feel like the wheels are falling off

4. Emulate others

Success leaves clues, you’re not the first person trying to do what you want to do.

Find someone who has already done it, and copy their behaviour…

Listen to podcasts, read books, attend seminars, get a mentor and spend time with people you look up to.

Find out their habits and routines and make them your own


Give these a go for 1 month and see what happens

I'd love to hear what habits have helped you... Shoot me a message at info@pegasuspt.com.au and tell me all about it

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