• Angus Smith


NO PAIN, NO GAIN... right? . One of the biggest misconceptions with training is that it needs to HURT to be effective If you’re not grinding out reps or you’re still able to walk you’re wasting your time right? The reality is, if you’re training like that, you’re on a fast track to injury and burnout

Now just to clarify, i'm not saying training should be easy... it should definitely be uncomfortable, it just shouldn’t be PAINFUL So what’s the difference between PAIN and DISCOMFORT? To us here at Pegasus, PAIN is defined as sharp or shooting pain in areas that you should not be feeling it (joints, lower back, neck etc) DISCOMFORT is that feeling you get when your heart rate is elevated, your muscles are burning and the thought of doing another heavy front squat makes you want to cry, but you can still do it without experiencing pain In order for your body to adapt (ie. Build muscle/get stronger/fitter) you need to make sure your training is uncomfortable, but not painful

SEEK DISCOMFORT, AVOID PAIN Moral of the story... Don’t be a sook, but also don’t be a hero! Train HARD, but don’t break yourself

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