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A Day in the life of a Strength coach

Have you ever wondered what our days look like? Thought so... well, wonder no more! If I said it wasn't a little challenging at times, I would be lying. My brother Angus and I have pretty much always got a full plate with keeping Pegasus Strength and Conditioning running, add into that personal time and relationships etc etc and we are busy little bees (Happy busy little bees).

3.45am - Alarm goes off, no snooze, I do 1 - 2 minutes of deep belly breathing and then I'm up. Try not to fall over and wake the other half up, head to the bathroom and douse my face in cold water. Dress etc etc and out the door by around 4-4.05am

4.15am - Arrive to the gym, make coffee. Set up for the days sessions, get annoyed at Angus cause he probably left something messy, get over it and just clean it up. Chill for 10 mins with my coffee and usually some Fleetwood or Bob Segar or Tracy Chapman.

4.50ish am - Early session members start to arrive. Explain the workout, assess any new injuries, take the newbies through all the different movements and explain WHY we are doing the prep exercises. Take the class through the demonstration of the days strength set, ensuring a big emphasis is placed on technique. Answer a few questions (approximately 158 per class), realise I really love my job and explaining movement to people.

6.25am - Next class arrives. Repeat above

7.30am - Time for me to resist the temptation for another coffee and instead do my own training. Finish off with a big block of breathing which puts me in far too much of a relaxed state to continue on with coaching.

8.45am - Inhale breakfast or just a protein shake if I indulged in the breathing exercises for too long.

8.50am - 3rd class for the morning arrives. Repeat as above.

10.15am - last morning class is finished. Time to admin. Spend around 2 hours answering messages, booking intro sessions, making phone calls and phone consults. In the middle of this at 10.32am me and Angus have our daily huddle to make sure we are focussed on the tasks at hand and make sure we didn't miss anything.

10.30am - 2pm - Conduct any PT sessions or free intro sessions that have been previously booked.

12.30ish pm - Realise it's already 12 bloody 30 and have a mini panic. Eat a mandarin and get over it, head home for some lunch and a shower (maaaaybe a quick surf if the stars align).

1.30pm - Head home, I mean back to the gym. Time to clean; vacuum, dust, mop, toilets, tidy weights (because although we have the best members in the world, apparently they aren't very good at counting and sometimes become confused with the order with which the dumbbells should be put away). Make some videos or content for social media; technique videos, information videos, or anything we think might be of interest.

2pm - 3.30pm - Mondays are managers meetings and coaches meetings, talk for way too long, become distracted and constantly say things like "we gotta get better at meetings" manage to tick a few things of the list and achieve some small wins.

3.45pm - Members begin to arrive for the afternoon class, make sure all is in order and begin set up as per the morning routine. Proceed to practice 100 handstands while the members are arriving.

4.15 pm - 6.30pm - Conduct afternoon classes.

6.45pm - Tidy and prepare for the following days classes.

7pm - Arrive home. Feed cat, partner and myself. Attempt a quick tidy of the kitchen while I'm still standing, ensure there is adequate chia pudding available for the following day.

8pm - Shower and bed

8.15pm - Remember I had a few messages left to answer, quickly answer them and swear to myself this is the last time I'll work this late.

The next day...

3.45am - Repeat all steps above.

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