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Too unfit to go to the gym?

Feeling “too unfit” to go to the gym? A bit like having to clean the house up a bit before the cleaner comes??

Well I want to tell you a little story about before I started not just exercising, but training (and I say training because we are training toward something, toward our own goals). It was around 8-10 years ago and all I knew was that I wanted to get into shape and have a body I was proud of; I hit up local PT Joel Bushy and booked my very first (and only -sorry Joel) session with him.

It was awesome but he put me through my paces and boy was I sore after that session! I had a diet I had to stick to (which I did obsessively for about 2 weeks) but I wasn’t able to keep up the training (cue every excuse under the sun; it’s too expensive, I don’t have time, I’m too sore, I’m never going to achieve what I want anyway, I need new shoes before I can start going to the gym) basically I didn’t place enough value or prioritise my health enough to warrant spending on my health what I was otherwise spending on my, let’s call it “anti health” - binge drinking and partying followed closely by non nutritious food choices.

So anyway, Joel was running this thing each week where he would take a bunch of his clients and they would go and do the Hastings street 200 stairs, 5 times. I was so keen to join in on this but absolutely terrified of putting myself in a position where I might be the least fit, and heaven forbid - come last! So I would mercilessly text Joel, asking how many people were going, what sort of times are achieved and if my typical time was "good enough" to be included, and Joel bless him was always positive and encouraging, but it wasn’t enough for me. I simply didn’t have the confidence to take myself along to a group of strangers and be vulnerable and potentially (in my eyes) fail.

There are a few morals to this story:

First of all - be confident and try not to care what others will think. I got in the way of my own progress and, being where I am now I fully know that not one single person from that group of step climbers would have given two damns if I came first or last. Don’t compare to anyone other than yourself. Set your own benchmarks to achieve what YOU want.

Secondly - prioritise your health. What DO you spend your money on? If being healthy and active isn’t in there and it’s something you think you value but you’re not living in line with that - then I suggest a pen and paper and write down your weekly expenses. It can be as simple as eating a home cooked meal instead of takeaways and staying in one night of the weekend and not dropping $150 on alcohol each weekend. It’s simple to prioritise your health and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune (when you break it down).

Thirdly - don’t have aesthetic goals, you will never be happy, even when you do achieve them, you will always find something about your body to criticise.

And finally - be realistic! With your nutrition, your training and your goal setting. Otherwise you’re only setting yourself up for failure and those who fail often are less likely to continue. If you are constantly achieving small goals you will feel confident to keep moving forward as well as feeling proud for having achieved one more small positive step. And remember, health is for life, not just an 8 week challenge.

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