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30 Sec Handstands, No Knee Pain and New Friends...

Loneliness is no joke... Human connection is a vital component of your health and well-being. and the link between social isolation and a decline in health outcomes is well established.

As you can imagine, if you move to a completely new town where you don't know a single person, there's a higher chance you're going to miss out on those all important social connections...

Unless you join a Gym LIke Pegasus... Just like our Member of the Month for May, Tahlia has done.

I sat down with Tahlia to talk about how training at Pegasus helped her slide right into a new friendship group, and pick up some impressive strength and skill gains along the way.

Q. What problem did you need to solve that led you to join Pegasus?

A. Well I'd previously only done cardio training, and I stumbled across pegasus on Instagram and saw people doing handstands and lifting weights and I thought it looked really cool, Apart from that, I knew I needed to make some friends and I didn't like the idea of just getting flogged with HIIT training so I joined Pegasus

Q. What results have you experienced since training here

A. I can hold a 30-sec handstand now and My strength has really improved... I could barely lift the bar when I started and now I can almost lift my body weight. As well as that my knee pain is completely gone, I used to get a lot of pain when I was running but I think since getting stronger that seems to have disappeared

Q, What are you most proud of?

A, I'm really happy with how consistent I've been with training - The people I train with really make it easy to keep coming, I've made a really good group of friends, and not just gym mates, actual mates which is awesome, especially moving to a new town its been awesome to find awesome people to hang out with straight away

Q. Why would you recommend others to join Pegasus

A. The people are amazing, so friendly, inclusive, and non-intimidating. The training style is unique and covered everything from strength and fitness to flexibility and handstands and it's unlike any gym I've ever been to.

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