• Angus Smith

6 Reasons You Should Include Juggling in Your Training Regime

Not only is juggling a cool party trick, but there are a host of other benefits that come along with it... Ranging from improved brain health and cognitive function to overcoming frustration.

We've compiled a list of the 6 main reasons we teach juggling here at Pegasus

1. Improved brain health

Juggling offers a number of benefits for brain health, it has been shown to increase the amount of grey matter in your brain which can help delay the onset of degenerative brain diseases. Juggling also forges new neural pathways within the brain and can improve memory and processing of information

2. Increase nervous System capacity

Your brain is connected to the rest of your body via your nervous system, the issue is that many of us have poor control over our extremities due to lack of using them. By Practicing juggling, you improve the connection and control between your brain and your hands, giving you greater control and a bigger degree of movement freedom

3. Improved Hand / Eye Coordination

This one is pretty obvious... The act of tracking multiple objects, simultaneously in the air and keeping them airborne through slight movements of the hand improves hand eye coordination. When looking at things from a sporting performance perspective, this comes in handy when it comes to catching or passing a football or netball.

4. Developing Positive personal Attributes

Juggling is hard. No matter what level you manage to master, you will always be a beginner again on the next level. You fail much more than you succeed, this is where juggling becomes a good teacher in overcoming frustration, not giving up when things get difficult and fostering determination... all attributes that are needed to succeed in anything at life. If your jugging is improving, chances are other areas of your life are improving also.

5. Redefine what your really capable of

One of the biggest reasons we teach juggling in our sessions is because of the barriers it breaks down when it comes to self belief..

9 times out of 10, when we introduce someone to juggling they say something along the lines of "I Can't do that"... but after a little bit of focus and breaking down the technique, they're able to do the thing they thought was impossible.

So what other areas of your life are you selling yourself short?

6. Understand Skill Acquisition

On the surface, juggling looks complicated, but - like most skills - the reality is that you just need to be taught the correct way to do it. When you break something down to its base elements, master them one by one and then put them back together, it becomes a lot easier to acquire that skill. Juggling teaches you how to do that so you can learn how to apply it to other areas of your life

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