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Dropping 20kg of Fat and Adding Years to His Life... Member of the Year Rod Shares His Success Story

Every now and then you come across someone who is always a pleasure to be around

They never complain, they always help others, and they lead by example

Our Male member of the year Rod is one of those people

Not only has Rod turned his health around and added years to his life by dropping 20kg of organ killing, disease-causing, excess body fat…

But he’s always the first person in the gym helping coaches set up, the last person to leave helping with the pack up and forever building us quality training equipment with no expectation of thanks or reward.

Humble. Committed and Inspirational are words I would use to describe Rod

I sat down with him to hear a little about what it took for him to get his weight under control and improve his athletic performance

Q. How does it feel to be member of the year?

It’s quite an honor, totally unexpected and it’s one of those situations where you see everyone else working really hard that you don’t really consider that you’re in the mix…

and I’m just honored to receive this recognition

Q. What was your biggest achievement from last year?

A: Happy that I exceeded my fat loss goal which was my initial reason.

I had a goal to complete 5km runs and I’ve gone from mid 40 mins for a walk/run and now doing it easy non stop at around 27m for park run

I can credit all that to the training here at Pegasus, No extra run training

Apart from that, Overall it’s improved my confidence to try things and opened a few more doors to do things I didn’t think I’d be able to such as the Spartan Race.

Q. You’ve added years to your life by turning your health around, what would you say to any blokes your age who are telling themselves that their poor physical health is just “part of getting old”?

I would say, you’re wrong and to have that mindset is wrong, because I felt like that to a degree before I started training and I’m proof that you can actually improve your health and performance as you get older.

The hardest part is taking the first step? But if you never do you’ll never change.

Q. Why do you choose to train at Pegasus?

For me it was word of mouth initially, because I saw how great the results for my daughter was.

But once getting in you really feel belonging and a sense of family full of support.

A much more inviting environment than a typical gym.

And not just that but I think it’s really fun which is something I never thought I’d say about going to the gym

The guidance and support you get from every session and the way it’s customized if you need it due to Injury etc.

Basically, it’s just so much different to anything I’ve ever experienced in a gym in terms of support, guidance and genuine care from the coaches

What are your Goals for next year?

My goal this year is to drop down to under 80kg and just maintain a healthy lifestyle so I can enjoy a better quality of life, and be able to do more activities for longer


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