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Eat More, Lift Daily and Become Competitive - The Keys to Staying Lean + Performing at a High Level

After struggling with a lack of structure, low confidence, and a bad relationship with food...

Our Jan member of the Month, Grace, decided to join pegasus for some guidance.

Since then she has managed to gain 4.5 kg muscle, stay lean and athletic, and is pound for pound the strongest person in the gym

We sat down to hear a bit about her journey and what it takes to go from feeling like you're getting nowhere with your fitness, to becoming stronger and fitter than you thought was possible

What problems/challenges were you experiencing prior to joining Pegasus?

I really struggled with unhealthy habits and no structure for day to day planning,

I did a heap of touch and surf lifesaving when I was younger so I was always active, but sort of stopped doing that in the last of my teenage years and I kind of started feeling weak and unfit and unable to do things

so I wanted to increase my strength so I could feel strong and confident, but I didn't really know what I was doing...

I had done a few PT classes but other than that Pegasus is my first gym experience.

What results have you experienced since starting?

I can lift double what I did when I started, and just feeling really confident with the lifts and trying new things like handstands and ring work.

The support and environment here is also really motivating and encouraging so that’s super helpful

What are you most proud of?

Getting my first chin-up was a massive win... I never thought I would be able to do that.

And I really struggled with running, I'd always have to stop but now I can complete all the running classes without stopping and that just feels pretty awesome

How has it changed or improved your life?

I’ve found my competative streak, and I feel like I’m addicted to progression - having a group of people to train with that push you really helps you feel like you want to do better.

I find that I’m actively seeking out challenges online or something that will motivate me and make me want to try things I wouldn't have thought of before... handstands, splits... that kind of thing.

I just really feel addicted to finding out what my body is capable of

My food is also way better now.... when I started I didn’t have a great relationship with food - I was probably exposed to a bit of the whole "Move More, Eat Less" mentality, and that is just not a great way to do things - you know it can lead to burn out, and it's just not great for the mental health

Now I’m wanting to eat heaps of good quality foods instead of crap. I'm eating more food to fuel my increased activity and I’ve put on about 4.5kg of muscle and stayed lean which has helped my performance

Why would you recommend Pegasus to others?

Because it’s not the same as anything else on offer... the coaching, the exercises we do, it all leaves room for progression rather than just jumping around and getting a sweat on with no real tangible progress

There's always something to work on... Handstands, Mobility, Strength, Juggling... It's just a much more sustainable and engaging way of training than your typical HIIT program

Grace Breen - Jan 2021 Member of the Month for Pegasus Strength + Conditioning

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