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From a Broken Back to Living Without Pain and Doing the Splits

Not many people can say that they have broken their back...

Even less would be able to claim that they not only broke their back... but managed to come back fitter and stronger than before, live with minimal pain AND do the splits....

Well, Our Member of the Month for April, Amy Duff sure can!

We sat down to hear her story about what led her to start training in the first place, how her injuries set her back, and what she did to move past it and keep living a thriving life!

Q. Ok, so what was the original reason you started training?

A. Well, it all started when I was 14... I started exercising because I was severely overweight and I hated it so that was really the start of training... however, the main reason I started with Pegasus is because I broke my back about 6 years ago and

ever since then, I've found it really hard to trust my body and relying on it so I really wanted to work on my strength and flexibility

Q. And what results have you experienced since starting here?

A. I have way more mobility... I can do the splits now which I was never able to do before! And I have Very, Very minimal back pain now...

Before I became stronger and more flexible, I was living with back pain every single day but now, Living pretty much pain-free I attribute to the fact that I'm stronger and more flexible

Apart from that, I feel like I'm progressing each week with my strength and finding it easy to stay on top of my body composition

Q. What are you most proud of since training here?

A. For me it's the splits for sure... and being able to do a 60kg+ back squat after breaking my back is massive. The fact that I can do anything without pain is pretty massive so I'm just super grateful to have the quality of life I do now after such a gnarly injury

Q. How has Pegasus Changed or Improved your life?

A. Well apart from the physical stuff I've already mentioned... it's the vibe and atmosphere in classes. Everyone is super motivating and encouraging, the coaches are amazing and I just feel really happy and positive after coming

Q. Why would you recommend Pegasus to others?

A. It's just a really approachable gym, It's not intimidating at all and there is support from day 1 - everyone knows your name and the coaches are able to adjust the sessions to accommodate for any injuries or limitations you might have... Overall, its just the best gym experience I've ever had and I couldn't recommend it highly enough

Another super inspirational success story for a well-deserving member of the month... Amy is always consistent, a pleasure to coach, and a fantastic inspiration for others!! Congrats from all the crew at Pegasus

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