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From Back Pain and Lack of Results to Lifting Over 100kg Pain-Free and Building an Athletic Phyisque

Before Laurence started training with Pegasus he’d spent years in the gym trying to figure things out on his own without really ever seeing the result he wanted...

His story is an all too common one...

  1. You feel Motivated to improve your Fitness

  2. You join your local gym

  3. You turn up and don’t really know what you’re supposed to be doing so you just kind of copy what others are doing

  4. You either get injured or frustrated at a lack of progress and eventually stop training

And the cycle repeats

We sat down with March Member of the Month, Laurence, to find out how training at Pegasus helped him finally overcome the all too typical “tyre-spinning syndrome”

What problem/challenges were you experiencing that led you to join Pegasus?

I just Kept feeling injured at the gym or making no progress, mostly due to no guidance.

I didn’t know what exercises to do to achieve the goal I wanted and I hadn’t really been taught how to do the correct technique or anything like that.

I was guessing really and it just got really frustrating

What results have you experience since starting here?

Everything really

, I'm more flexible, stronger and more comfortable with big lifts and I’ve defiantly put weight on - noticing a change in my physique

I put that down to the guidance and feedback we get from the coaches In class... I finally feel confident that I can lift heavier weights without hurting my back or my knees because I’ve got the technique nailed down now

What are you most proud of?

Doing some heavy deadlifts - over 100kg, never had the confidence to do that so to be able to feel strong with that much weight on the bar is a real confidence booster

How has it changed or improved your life?

Just feel really good all over.... physically, mentally, emotionally... like you have more control over where things are going in life in general

Once you start seeing some results inside the gym, and understanding the process for making physical improvements, that starts translating to all other areas of your life

Why would you recommend Pegasus to others?

Coaches know what they're talking about and genuinely care about clients getting results. Lots of variety and I never have to motivate myself to come here

And don’t have to think about what I’m going to, I know that the program is matched to my goals and the coaches always individualize the sessions where needed

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