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From SICK and Underweight to Adding 11kg of Muscle and Doing the Splits

How Bronson got Stronger, Healthier and Happier by Doing Less

Every day, 1000s of people are in the gym “GRINDING” in an attempt to stop being weak, chubby and out of shape

They’re pushing hard, lifting heavy, sweating profusely and they never miss a day

But... the hard truth is that most of them are going to be unsuccessful

They’ll stay fat

They’ll live with sore joints

They’ll always be weak

It’s not through lack of effort, rather they’re taking the wrong approach

More is not always better

Faster is not always productive

Heavier is not always smart

If you’ve been on this ride and feel like you’re spinning your wheels despite your best efforts...

then perhaps Bronson's story can shed some light on what you’re doing wrong

He started where most people do and mainly did HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts daily - but found that after a couple of months he started feeling injured and burnt out

“So hiit was good for a couple of months, but then, yeh - you start seeing a lot of injuries and hitting a plateau and you realise there’s not a lot of room to improve and you kind of lose direction”

It wasn’t until Bronson joined Pegasus that realized he wasn’t on the best path

“I just started getting a heap of injuries. My body type is pretty prone to injuries being pretty lanky and not much body fat and injuries were starting to affect my work”

We introduced him to a more sustainable approach that valued quality of movement over intensity and showed him how to best train for his particular set of circumstances

“I really learned the fundamentals and what’s really holding me back from getting the result I want - you know just how all the bits fit together like how ankle mobility is going to affect your squat and how your VMOs will support your knees and that it is all connected”

Strength aside, Bronson’s has a phenomenal transformation in his health in the past 6 months

After spending a period in and out of hospital with a series of infections and losing 11kg of muscle - he took action on improving his health by improving his diet

“Yeh it just got to the point where I was like - this isn’t right... I’m getting lung infections and I don’t smoke, I’m always sick, my body odours bad, my skins bad, my mood is bad... it shouldn’t be like this”

The key points, Bronson says, are simple...

“Whole foods, organic foods, shopping at the markets instead of woolies - just making high quality a priority”

Since doing just that, Bronson’s stronger than ever, healthier than ever and can do the splits

So what’s the secret? Bronson says it’s consistency, patience and discipline

“It’s just doing all those little things that you think are inconvenient, they pay off in the long run... spending more on organic foods, focusing on smaller improvements rather than flogging yourself. Just playing the long game, and working smarter - not harder, will get you further in the end”

Member Of The Month - October

Bronson Faruggia

If you’re like Bronson and you’re sick, injured, or not getting anywhere with your training and nutrition - maybe it’s time to change things up?

Click this link now and book yourself in for a free intro session so we can show you how to do what Bronson has done and get your strength and health back on track

Don't spend any more time than you need to, living how you don't want to!

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