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How to Overcome Obstacles and Not Let Injuries Slow You Down

No matter who you are, at me point or another you're going to face obstacles in your life that are seemingly trying to keep you from your goals...

Nothing worth having will come easy and obstacles are simply there as a test to figure out if you're truly invested in the outcome you say that you want...

When you do inevitably encounter an obstacle, you have two options...

  1. Give up and accept defeat and keep living life as it is

  2. Step up to the challenge and figure out a way to overcome your challenges so you can continuously transform your life and reality

Pegasus Member of the Month Emilie has had challenges thrown at her in spades, but not once did she complain, give up or play the victim.

Each and every time a challenge reared its head, Em stepped up, stayed on the path and ultimately came out the other side stronger and more capable than before.

I sat down with her to find out a bit more about her training journey and what lessons she has learned from her challenges along the way

Q - What problem /challenges were you facing that led you to join Pegasus?

A - I had no real direction with my training and I was trying to figure it out in the commercial gym scene which really gave me anxiety and a feeling like I didn't belong there. So I found that intimidation factor, combined with not knowing what to do just left me spinning my wheels a bit and getting nowhere.

I came to Pegasus to get some guidance around training and to build my confidence in the gym in a supportive environment which has been really awesome

Q - What results have you experienced since starting here?

A - 100 percent I've increased my strength... I've gained a lot of knowledge around how to fit weights safely and confidently and I've learned so much about pushing past my own limiting beliefs...

Q - What are you most proud of?

A - I have injured my shoulder 3 times which seemed like a massive setback, but with the support of the pegasus coaches and some determination on my part I was able to stay motivated and overcome the injury each time so I was able to keep on track with the rest of my training.

Q - How has training here changed or improved your life?

A - In every aspect, I've felt an improvement! My self-confidence is so much higher, I've dropped weight and toned up, I've made some great friends and I feel like I can enter any gym and feel confident and happy knowing that I'm not out of place

Q - Why would you recommend Pegasus to others?

The atmosphere is awesome, there are no ego's and everyone is welcome. Everyone is on their own journey, but alongside one another cheering each other on. And the coaching team is so knowledgeable and they guide you every step of the way

Q - What stands out that makes us different from other gyms?

A - The Support you get from the entire team - they're always just a text away if you need them, they're always correcting your form or encouraging you to dig deeper and if you're not showing up to the gym they follow you up to see if everything is alright and to keep you on track

Q - What's one word to describe pegasus?

A - Lifechanging!

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