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Paleo? Keto? Carnivore? Vegan? Which diet is superior for fat loss?

I often won’t go down the rabbit hole of which diet is “best” but I just want to share my two cents.

Firstly everyone is different, has different tastes, tolerates different foods and lives different lives! So to make a blanket statement like “vegan is the most healthy diet” or “the only way you’ll lose weight is to go keto” is just bizarre and a bit silly.

If you are someone who is looking to lose some fat and you’re looking for the perfect diet to do so then look no further! I am going to tell you exactly what you need to know in order to lose fat!

There is one single mechanism that needs to be in play when trying to lose fat -

the calorie deficit

Put simply this means you need to burn more energy than you are consuming - regardless of what diet plan you follow - SHOCK!

Next up, if you’re someone who doesn’t eat very well, eats out or has takeaway often then you’re going to find it insanely difficult to try to shift 100% to one of the above diets (this means that your adherance will likely suffer).

So what I recommend is this: Eat a diet comprising mostly (min 80%) of whole foods. This means limit the amount of packaging you eat from (shop at your local butcher and green grocer mostly, you only need the supermarkets for things like toiletries etc)

Secondly - consider your protein source at every meal. Animal protein does make it easier for building lean muscle (often plant protein sources are accompanied by carbohydrates) but that doesn’t mean you can’t build lean muscle and burn fat and eat only vegetables, it's just a little bit harder and requires more concentration/education - Just consider your protein at every single meal.

Thirdly, use a calorie calculator to get an idea of how many calories you should be consuming to lose weight then undertake the arduous task of tracking your calories for 2-3 weeks. (You won’t need to do this forever but how else will you know what you’re eating?) go and buy some food scales and take the time to learn what you’re eating.

Weigh yourself (if you are only trying to lose fat this is fine, if you dont have much fat to lose and you're also strength training then measurements will be a better form of measurement). Follow along with your original calories for 2-3 weeks. Then weigh yourself (or measure) again, if you are not losing weight then one of two things is occurring - you aren’t tracking correctly (don’t forget sauces, oils etc all add up!) OR you’re not in a deficit, meaning you need to reduce your calories to achieve said deficit.

So adjust calorie intake accordingly and repeat above steps for a couple more weeks.

The biggest thing you want to focus on if you are just starting out is not any fad diet, it’s just getting more good quality nutritious foods into your body! And healthy foods most of the time is going to be a lot more achievable in the long run!

My last tip of the day is to not deprive yourself completely of the things you love, just account for them in your calorie allowance and make sure the rest of your food is nourishing! It might seem cumbersome to begin with but like any goal worth achieving it requires focus and attention

TL;DR: forget the fad diets. Eat whole foods most of the time, move daily, drink your water, get your sleep and hit a calorie deficit. Click here for our free 28 day eating guide

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