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Planning Ahead, Lifting Heavy and Consistency: The Keys to staying lean year round

2020 was a wild year full of ups and downs, We’re so thankful for all of our clients that h

ave stayed by our side throughout the year.

Our community is stronger than ever...Both Physically and in a sense of community after what will have to be one of the most challenging years in memory

Time and Time again we have seen ALL our members rise up against adversity and overcome their challenge

However, there is one person who has consistently progressed month after month

She’s one of the strongest people in the gym. She always shows up with a CAN DO attitude and her results speak volumes about her commitment

I sat down with our female Member of the Year Sammi, to find out what it takes to continuously improve performance and maintain an athletic appearance year-round

How does it feel to be the member of the year?

It feels incredible! I have been really pushing myself with my training this year so it feels good for that to be recognized.

You've managed to not only maintain a healthy body composition but also improve your performance week to week... What do you do in terms of nutrition each week to maintain results in both areas?

I enjoy intermittent fasting during the week (18/6) and always make sure I am eating a lot of high-quality produce & protein to fuel my body. I like to spend the weekend getting organised for the week ahead, stocking my fridge, making healthy snacks etc.

Why do you choose to train at Pegasus rather than somewhere else?

I have trained at a lot of different gyms over the years but nowhere that really compares to Pegasus. The knowledge the coaches have is second to none. They really want everyone to succeed and achieve their goals. They keep you accountable and challenge you. The members are also pretty great. The type of training provided at Pegasus is elite.

What was your biggest achievement in 2020?

Completing my first Spartan race was pretty amazing!

What are your goals for this year?

To continue to progress and build on what I have achieved so far.

Improving my handstands and skills.

So there you have it.. Success leaves clues, and Sammi has been more successful than most - The key takeaways here if you want results like Sammi's are

  1. Be Organised - Plan your week ahead and prep your food

  2. Eat high-quality foods

  3. Be consistent

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