• Angus Smith

Sometime the Truth Hurts

There is no denying it...

We are a fat nation.

We are a sick nation

We are a depressed nation

And we are doing to ourselves.

I have been accused of Body Shaming because I used the term "Dad Bod" in an advertisement.

"Everyone is beautiful in their own way" was the argument...

The thing is... You're not beautiful if you're dead!

I Agree, all People are beautiful in their own way

However there is no escaping the fact that if you are over fat...

You have a much higher chance of being subject to a terrible fate that could be avoided through proper nutrition and physical activity


Type 2 Diabetes.

Heart Disease.




Some types of Cancer


This is just a few of the nasties that - unfortunately - are the reality for the MAJORITY of the world population...

There's nothing admirable about glorifying completely avoidable medical conditions

"DAD BOD" is a shit term

A copout that is used by those who are scared that they will fail

are too proud to admit they need help

or ultimately... value dying over living.

If that's you...

and you're sick of it...


This is the solution.... Quality nutrition + Movement + Sleep

Stop binge drinking

Stop eating packet food and takeaway

Fix up your diet (High protein: Good quality meat/fish + Low Carb (rice and root vegetables when you do) + Good Quality Fats)

Move more - lift weights, increase incidental exercise

Drink 3L of water each day

Get better sleep (8hrs per night)


One more time... Quality nutrition + Movement + Sleep

Commit to it for a month and let me know how you feel

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